They love Animal Desire 3rd book in the Vespian Way Series.

Katie Cody gave this out-of-this-world romance 5 Stars!

"I really enjoyed this story and found the characters to be interesting and fun to get to know. I loved the world the author created and the imaginative aspects of their life. Heather is feisty and stubborn. I really loved her character and I could definitely see myself becoming best friends with her. Storm was a protective and yet very attentive mate to Heather...I thought the relationship between Storm and Heather was beautiful and that they went great together...ANIMAL DESIRE is a fun and exciting new story that sci-fi and paranormal romance fans are both sure to enjoy."

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Dominated by Desire is a hit!

Amy Hopkins gave thie paranormal romance 5 Hearts!

"This was truly one of the best books I have read. There is just so much more to this story than what's included in the description...I truly couldn't put it down...The story is just wonderfully written...This book feels like the reader is right there along with Storm and Heather on a journey filled with amazing discoveries and intrigue."  

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Dominated By Desire

Dakota gave this first novel in the Desire series 4 Delightful Divas.

"If you’re a sci-fi fan, then you’re going to love the latest offering by Ms. Bradley, Dominated by Desire. It has just the right amount of sci-fi from the pheromone producing hero to the not what she seems heroine. I love the way that Ms. Bradley has incorporated this genre with pure erotica so hot it’s amazing that the words didn’t melt my reader...Dominated by Desire has a good action plot that will keep you guessing until the finale. But I won’t give away Ms. Bradley’s thunder. I’ll just simply say – pick up the book! I can guarantee you won’t regret it!"

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Here's what they're saying about "A Portrait in Time" . . .


This is a story of mystery, adventure and love that will capture the heart and imagination of all those who read it. 

Reviewed by Charlotte Morgan of Roundtable Reviews


". . . Barbara Donlon Bradley has penned a marvelous time-travel featuring a strong, independent, modern-day heroine.  Alex is forced to deal with things like stays and corsets, while trying to convince a very inconvincible Trey that she really is who she says she is.  Trey Dalton is a loveable hero with a tarnished heart of gold.  He's been dealt a rough hand in life, yet is still willing to take that chance to love the mysterious Alex.  The addition of Alex's grandmother and Trey's Aunt Rose as a pair of meddling, but well-meaning, matchmakers adds a delightful, as well as humorous, touch to the tale.

Ms. Bradley uses the time-travel plot twist of disbelief, yet with a very light touch . . . A PORTRAIT IN TIME is an absolutely delightful read, a true must-read for any lover of time-travel romances.  If you've never taken the plunge, then I heartily suggest this for your first venture into time-travel."

Judith Rippelmeyer of Romance Reviews Today


"A Portrait in Time is both amusing and mysterious . . . There are lots of twists and turns in the plot. You can never be sure who is friend or foe. You'll find some amusing as well as serious moments throughout the story. Just what are those strange moves Alex uses to protect herself? You'll have to read the story to find out. You'll never look at a portrait again without wondering...."

Brenda Gayle of The Rite Life Style


" . . . Barbara Bradley has written a compelling story with A Portrait in Time.  This is a fast paced novel full of subplots, twists, and turns that keep the reader turning page after page . . . "

Loretta Pridgen Chesapeake Romance Writers 'Peake Newsletter October 2001


Barbara Donlon Bradley presents her readers with a 5 Star story of timeless love.  Her characters come to life as they explore the emotions between the hero and heroine and cross the chasm of different life styles.  She expertly weaves subplots into the story, each building upon the other with supporting characters that grow as the stories evolve.  And her use of the modern day norm of taw kwon do as a historical phenomenon bring a unique element to the story.  I applaud her in her ingenuity! 

A Portrait in Time is definitely a keeper for me! 

Jan Crow Sime~Gen Reviews


"Very good book  . . . this book is one of my favs."

Jennifer of the Romance Review


A Portrait In Time is a very entertaining read. It has all the ingredients I love to see in a time travel romance with some few surprise ingredients. You will experience all emotions reading this book. The twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

April Roper of Romance News


Ms. Bradley has written a fine time-travel novel filled with wit and adventure . . . If you are looking for a unique romance, this is one for your bookshelf.

Denise Clark


Barbara Donlon Bradley’s A Portrait In Time is a captivating story of a modern woman who is thrown back in time to a year when she thinks she could never survive . . . This was my first ebook, and to tell the truth I had avoided them up until this one . . . For a book this good, I wouldn’t have a problem repeating it!

Angela of A Romance Review


Ms. Bradley weaves an engrossing tale of time travel, romance, and suspense beginning on page one and keeps the tension building throughout the entire book. The characters are realistic and interact smoothly, complementing each other perfectly. Her descriptive ability is in no way lacking and builds pictures in the reader's mind. A truly gifted author.

-- Irene Marshall of Escape to Romance


A fast paced read full of "Whodunit?" and "What next?" questions keeps a reader engrossed in the story, page after page. Alexandra is a wonderfully strong heroine and the perfect match for charismatic hero Trey.  The time travel aspect is unique and well written into the plot. Ms. Bradley’s talent in writing characters that are engaging and well matched, and her wonderful plot, makes this a highly recommended book to lovers of the Time Travel genre.

Reviewed by KARI of Love Romances September 13, 2002




“As treachery abound, and not knowing who to really trust, Star’s Destiny will take us to the stars and beyond to a whole new world. And life of people different than our own.”

· Margo Arthur The Romance Studio

· Five hearts!

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“Star’s Destiny was a highly enjoyable read  It grabbed me from the first word and didn’t let go.  Star proved to be a strong, spirited heroine, and Tye was an alpha male, who was more than er match. This is a must rea for fans of paranormal and futuristic romance. I highly recommend it.

· Dawn D Manic Readers

· 4.5 stars 

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Love on the Run is a sequel to A Portrait in Time; however, I found it to be a totally stand-alone read. This was a wonderfully penned novel that brought the past to life and gave the character's breath. I found myself experiencing life through the eyes of the character. I was sad to see the story end! I intend to go back and read the first novel in the series and to watch for more reads by Barbara Donlon Bradley."--Pam Bless, Round Table Reviews

"This novel is very fast-paced and full of suspense. I was guessing until the end who betrayed Andrew to the criminal gang he was seeking. Fans of novels set in the Old West will appreciate the historical significance of the Pinkerton agency, which is who Andrew works for. I really like the attention to detail that Bradley gave to writing this book; I felt tired and dirty after reading about the train rides and would have liked 'three fingers of bourbon' for myself! This is a very enjoyable novel which I highly recommend."--Carrye, Romance Reader at Heart

"I really enjoyed this entertaining tale. There is plenty of action, adventure, humor and sexual tension as Andrew and Beth are forced to share more intimacy than either can easily accept. The madcap humor helps disarm the inevitable clichÃ(c)s in the genre. The author maintains the atmosphere of the times in an authentic manner and keeps her characters true to the era as well. The supporting characters are all realistic and add variety and flavor to the story. Lovers of adventurous western romance will relish this tale. It is a sequel to Portrait in Time, but stands alone and does not have to be read after Portrait. 4 flames-rare find"--Alergia, Word Museum